Sunday, December 16, 2012

Photo History of Angel's Time in Cheyenne

These are representative of what we have illustrating Angel's activities while 'finishing high school' in Cheyenne. 

Angel at the house provided for her, furnished, in Cheyenne, so she could finish high school, with her dog.

Angel with another dog, still not going to high school, before she moved out of the house.

Angel's new husband, Jason, smoking pot.

Jason, Angel's husband, with bong. 

Jason, Angel's husband, with his mother.

Letter from Angel and her mother to the Barteauxs

Letter written by Angel and her mother, Beverly, to Dean and Betty Barteaux asking for assistance.

Angel - charges for property damage, Cheyenne

Friday, July 13, 2012

Richard Lee Barteaux - Death Certificate May 8, 1993

Richard Lee Barteaux died alone in the two bedroom, one bath house, purchased for him by his adopted parents, Walter Dean and Betty Mae Barteaux.  He was their only child. 

Richard had moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming over ten years previously because his DUIs in California made it impossible for him to drive in that state.

His father, Walter Dean Barteaux, paid him a stipend and purchased a clunker which was driven by a friend of Richard's who was also an alcoholic. 

Richard's occupation was staying drunk.  His beverage of choice was beer.  At the time of his death he was 43 years of age.  

Richard Lee Barteaux Birth Certificate - Feb. 25, 1950

Richard Lee was adopted, and was the second attempt by the couple to find a baby.  The first child, also a boy, was reclaimed by the mother before the process was finalized.  

Richard's birth mother was, according to nurses in the physician's office which arranged the adoption, and his adoptive mother, as reported to Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, his first wife, a student at UCLA.  His mother was believed to have a last name which included 'Gold' and to be Jewish.