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 This site is one of several using real life stories to illustrate our approach for coping with the foundational problem of psychopathy and sociopathy.  These problems give rise to all of the other problems we face today with the systemic abuse of power in politics and corporations.  

The story of Craig Franklin and Green Hills Software, Inc., and Dan O'Dowd, its CEO, are illustrations of this problem as it arches over from the life of a family to corruption in the court system and into politics and corporate life.  

The list of sites below are different ways of presenting the material and also for providing additional informational resources and for fighting back.  



Fighting Back using the truth, documentation, and  transparency 

Craig Franklin - A highly intelligent psychopath who is a sexual predatory, his focus being on very young girls and women.  His wealth comes from work in the software industry.  His most recent job wass Senior Vice President of Green Hills Software, Inc., for Advanced Products Development.  

Dan O'Dowd - Another highly intelligent psychopath whose addiction is money and power.  O'Dowd is CEO of Green Hills Software, Inc. 

Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, was diagnosed as a psychopath for the first time in 1984 by a professional in Australia.  His present wife, Laura, does not show signs of being a psychopath but is very strongly influenced by her husband in a way generally referred to as 'situational psychopathy.'  

Morgan, born Carolyn Anne Barteaux, was the daughter of Melinda Pillsbury-Foster by her first husband, Richard Lee Barteaux.  Barteaux was a psychopath and appears to have passed the trait on to all of his biological children.  

Richard Lee Barteaux died of chronic alcoholism when he was 43 years old.  His story is on the Barteaux site.  

Jay is the husband of Morgan Pillsbury Gell.  His background is not yet on the site, but this is coming.  He carries out emotionally debilitating attacks, probably on order, for the money.  

Compilation of Evidence Available at:

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster - I was married to Richard Lee Barteaux on September 7, 1966.  The following months were a long nightmare.  After being battered, my teeth and jaw hammered, and nearly murdered by Richard my parents forced me to leave.  I was placed in hiding in a nursing home because, in the opinion of the therapist my parents consulted regarding the likelihood of more violence from Richard, I was in physical danger.

At the time I was around 3 - 4 months pregnant and would give birth July 5, 1967 to a  baby girl.

After a week in hiding, my parents arranged for me to spend the next two months with a relative out of town.  For the next year I was not allowed out of the house unaccompanied, again, because of the perceived danger to myself and my child. 

Until today, I have never spoken or written about this.  My mother and father advised me to put it behind me and I tried to do follow that advice as I raised my daughter, doing all within my power to ensure she had no contact with her biological father.  Her well being dictated every choice I made for many years.

I was left emotionally traumatized and fearful.  

Six months ago I realized the baby girl, to whom I had given birth, is a psychopath.  One week ago I was contacted by the former wife of Richard's son by his next marriage, Jillkster  Barteaux Fried.  We shared stories, shocked at the parallels between the two men we had married. It seems very likely Jill's former husband, Richard Lee Barteaux, Jr., is also a psychopath, and that his younger sister is  as well.

While diagnosing for the condition today relies on opinion by such tests as the Hare Index each of us can make a personal assessment based on the available evidence, which in this case is substantial.  Since recognized authorities place the percentage of such disordered individuals within the population at 1 - 4%.  Given most of us have contact with thousands of people throughout our lives we are bound to be confronted with those who are disordered and must assess for ourselves our personal danger.  

It is established the condition, or a tendency, in inheritable.  

The story you will read here is founded on documents, facts, and all events are sworn to under penalty of perjury.  This is our story, but it is a story all too common in our world today,and one which instructs the reader on the patterns encountered with the disordered.

Jillkster Barteaux contacted me several months ago, having found me on the internet through my site, PsychoBusters. She was interested in connecting and learning more about a story she became part of long after I had left it and provided additional materials as a gift, in the interest of truth.   She has no ownership or control of this site.  

Richard Lee Barteaux, Senior was a waster who abused everyone in his life and died of alcoholism at age 43. I believe, on the evidence, he was a psychopath and passed those traits on to his oldest daughter, Morgan Barteaux Gell, (AKA Carolyn Anne Barteaux).

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