Family Album

Richard Lee Barteaux in the 8th grade at Black Fox Military Academy, where his parents sent him in hopes it would help.  It didn't.

It was about this time he became fascinated with Adolph Hitler and had an SS uniform made for himself, in leather.  It was still hanging in his closet when he married his first wife, Melinda.

Melinda was also shocked to discover he made a nightly habit of listening to Hitler's speeches, in German, which he did not speak, and  rocking back and forth while sitting on the floor in front of the recording machine and screaming "Heil Hitler!" 

Melinda Pillsbury, after the prom at Black Fox, which she attended with Richard.  She is 17.  Richard had lied about his age, telling her he was 17.

Betty and Dean expressed their delight over the engagement and began showering Melinda with gifts for her trousseau, these being small appliances, place settings for her chosen china, and linens.  Betty also began instructing her in how to take care of Richard, which included, Melinda later realized, handling his appointments for his psychiatrist.

After their eloped, Melinda realized Richard was also using illicit drugs, including cocaine. 

The Barteauxs were desperately looking for a caretaker, not a daughter-in-law. 

Richard, as he looked at 17.  He looked much older than his actual age.  This caused him to be harassed as a suspected narc when he returned to school, after Melinda left him and he was no longer at Black Fox.

 Richard met Beverly Saville after Melinda escaped from him at the beginning of 1967.   Beverly was pregnant when they married.  Her age was 15 at the time of the wedding.

They were married at The Little Church of the West in Las Vegas.  

 Dean and Betty bought the happy couple a house in West Los Angeles, near them.

Richard was receiving a monthly 'gifts' but not earning a pay check so no support could be demanded from Melinda for little Carolyn.

During this time the Barteauxs began financing a series of 'businesses' for Richard, including an aquarium store, in hopes he would do something productive.  He never did. 

  Here is  Beverly near the end of her pregnancy. 

Richard with Richard, Junior.

The relationship lasted for six years, with numerous interruptions from causes it is easy to imagine. 

Little Richard in the tub.

Little Richard, playing peek-a-boo.

By the time Beverly was pregnant with her next child, Angel, the couple had broken up.  Beverly left the two children with the Barteauxs and returned to her family in Modesto.  She reclaimed them, from time to time, while going through three more marriages.

And the two children of the Barteaux - Saville marriage were growing up to become who they are today.

Part Two


  1. Richard Lee Barteaux attended California Military Academy from approximately 1960 through June, 1964; he entered Black Fox Military Academy in September, 1964, and was enrolled for 2 years (9th and 10th grades)
    He then entered University High School (West Los Angeles) from which he graduated in 1968/69.
    His son (Richard Lee junior) was born to he and Beverly Barteaux, in the spring/summer period of 1969.

    Dr. Richard L. Farr

  2. 1965: Richard Barteaux begins weekly visits to psychiatrists (Major Weinstock, MD, and Louis Lunsky, MD) in the Crenshaw district (near to California Military Academy) Psychiatric treatment continued for about a year, but ended sometime in 1966.

  3. Note: the photo (on this page) of pregnant wife Beverly, was taken outside their 2 storey house in Carson, CA (early 1969)

  4. The Barteaux "second home", which they acquired originally in approximately 1967, and into which they finally moved "fultime", after the sale of their "main house" (in Cheviot Hills, CA), was located at 720 Camino del Norte, Palm Springs, CA. Richard Lee Junior, lived primarily at the Barteaux's Palm Springs house (with grandparents W. Dean and Betty), while growing up.

  5. During the period 1969-71, after Richard Junior's birth, Richard and Beverly called the baby "little rick"; this was also the name used by W. Dean and Betty Barteaux, in referring to the baby.