Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Goals We Set Out to Accomplish

When these events began to unfold the behavior of those now deemed to be psychopathic, lacking conscience and empathy were not understood to be neurological.  It took 30 years for this to change.  But today it is understood by such experts as Dr. Robert Hare that the condition cannot be altered.  

This reflects in the coverage of the condition, its characteristics outlined, by such entities as the FBI.  The premier journal on economics in the UK, the Economist, attributes the monetary meltdowns to the high level of individuals with psychopathic characteristics in finance.  

Psychopathic individuals cost us billions every year.  Therefore, we must become more aware of the characteristics and be able to identify those who demonstrate them.  

Richard Lee Barteaux, Senior, was never diagnosed as a psychopath but his behavior caused many of those who knew him to conclude this was the case. 

Melinda Pillsbury-Foster, his first wife, believed, based on the documentable evidence, her child by Bearteaux is also a psychopath.  Information on Morgan Gell is available on this website